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Baby wearing HALO SleepSack swaddle 1.5 TOG Heather GreyBaby wearing HALO SleepSack swaddle 1.5 TOG Heather Grey

SleepSack® Swaddle

A perfect night’s rest begins with our 3-way adjustable swaddle designed to fit your baby’s preferred sleep style.

Mum kisses baby next to HALO BassiNest Premiere Mum kisses baby next to HALO BassiNest Premiere


Parents and baby can bond over safe, close sleep with our bedside cot, featuring a full 360º swivel. 

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Nursing Essentials

We're celebrating and supporting mums on their feeding journey.

The Importance of Safe Sleep

HALO baby sleep icon

Improves baby's immune system.

HALO baby sleep on back icon

"Back is Best" a reminder stitched on our SleepSack® to ensure baby is always in the best position.

HALO baby safe temperature icon

Help baby stay at a safe temperature throughout their night's sleep.

HALO baby SleepSack swaddle icon

Swaddling newborns allows them to feel secure as they transition to sleeping outside the womb.

HALO baby SleepSack sleeping bag icon

Sleeping bags eliminate the need of loose blankets in the cot while keeping baby warm.

HALO baby bedtime routine icon

Establishing a bedtime routine ensures baby is getting a safe, sound and restful sleep every time.

Mum and dad in bed next to baby sleeping in the HALO BassiNest EssentiaMum and dad in bed next to baby sleeping in the HALO BassiNest Essentia

‘’We are delighted to be working with a company that is committed to safer sleep for babies. The Lullaby Trust encourages all families to sleep their baby in a cot or Moses basket in the parent’s room for the first six months. HALO®’s BassiNest® Essentia and SleepSack® complement our advice perfectly and we will be working together to help all families give their babies the perfect start in life.’’

Jenny Ward, CEO of The Lullaby Trust

Safe Sleep Made Easier™

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    How can I help my baby sleep on a hot summer night?

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