We might all be enjoying these long summer days, but when it comes to sleep, the heat can make for a restless night. Hot nights can be especially difficult for babies as they aren’t great at regulating their own body temperature. But if you are worried about your baby getting too hot at night, there are things you can do to help keep your little one cool and comfortable.

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baby laying in halo premiere bassinestbaby laying in halo premiere bassinest

What’s the ideal room temperature?

Ideally the room your baby is sleeping in should be between 16 and 20 degrees, however we appreciate that this temperature can be difficult to maintain in hot weather. So, instead of worrying too much about the exact room temperature, you should keep an eye on your baby for signs they’re getting too hot.

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Is my baby too hot?

All babies are different, so what might be a comfortable temperature for one baby could be too hot for another. It’s therefore best to regularly check your baby to see if they’re too hot. You can do this by feeling your baby’s chest and/or the back of their neck to make sure their skin doesn’t feel sweaty or clammy to the touch. If their skin feels clammy or hot (warm is fine) then it means your baby is too hot and you should remove a layer of bedding or what they’re wearing.

momchecking on baby sleeping in bedside bassinet in ideal temp halo swaddlemomchecking on baby sleeping in bedside bassinet in ideal temp halo swaddle
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What should my baby wear to sleep in when it’s hot?

A low TOG sleeping bag or a thin and lightweight blanket (firmly tucked in) can be a good option in these summer months. If you find that your baby is still too hot with thin bedding, it’s fine for them to sleep without any. Your baby might be more comfortable in a short sleeve vest or just a nappy with no bedding when your home gets hot.

baby laying in halo essentia bassinestbaby laying in halo essentia bassinest

How can I keep our bedroom cool?

While it can be hard to keep your house cool in the summer, there are ways you can help make your bedroom a more comfortable temperature for your baby. Keep blinds or curtains closed during the day to stop the room from heating up too much. You can also use a fan to help circulate air around the room, but make sure that the fan is out of reach and not pointing directly at your baby. Keeping a window open during the night when it’s a bit cooler outside can also help cool down your room, but make sure it is safe to do so.

Safer sleep is still important
When it’s hot and your baby is struggling to sleep it may be tempting to do whatever it takes to get them to sleep. Summer nights can be tiring for everyone and settling your baby can be difficult when you’re also exhausted, but it’s important that you still follow safer sleep advice every time you put your baby down to sleep, day and night. Making sure your baby sleeps on their back in a clear cot or sleep space can help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).