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Time to Stop Swaddling your Baby?

Time to Stop Swaddling your Baby?

How to Establish a Bedtime Routine to Make Nighttime Easier

How to Establish a Bedtime Routine to Make Nighttime Easier

    Q&A with the CEO of The Lullaby Trust

    Here we meet Jenny Ward, the Chief Executive of the charity the Lullaby Trust, where she has worked for 14 years. [...]

    Tips for Traveling with Twins

    The arrival of twins is a roller coaster ride for all parents. At the beginning, the thought of leaving the house to go to the pediatrician can be a full day endeavor. [...]

    Tips To Ensure Safe Sleep For Your Baby

    Making sure your baby is safe is always top of mind for parents; especially while sleeping. To try and calm some of these nerves [...]

    Time to Stop Swaddling your Baby?

    Swaddling your baby can be a parent's favourite tool to help calm their baby into a restful nights sleep. But unfortunately swaddling comes with an expiration date. [...]

    How to Organise Baby Clothes

    Baby clothes can be tough to organise. They’re tiny, sometimes oddly shaped and are used constantly. We have a solution for staying organised [...]

    Creating a Bedtime Routine for Baby

    HALO® is proud to offer innovative solutions that make safe sleep easier. But as any parent knows, sometimes getting your baby to actually sleep at all can be a real challenge. [...]

    Tips for Safe Swaddling

    While in the womb, baby is tightly cuddled inside mum for nine months, so it's natural that they would find comfort from swaddling after birth. [...]

    Managing Sleep with Newborn Twins

    Whether you’re expecting twins, or you recently brought them home from the hospital, many parents have one big question on their minds – How will I ever get some sleep? [...]

    Transitioning Your Little One to the Cot? Some Safe Sleeping Tips for a Smooth Transition

    Does your baby sleep in your bedroom? Many parents choose to room share, having their newborn sleep in a baby bedside bassinet next to their bed since birth. [...] 

    How to Establish a Bedtime Routine to Make Nighttime Easier

    If kids had it their way, they’d probably never sleep. Their little bodies are so busy exploring all day that it’s important that they get a healthy amount of sleep each night. [...]

    How to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep for You and Your Newborn

    Getting a good night's sleep with a newborn sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? While all babies are different and some sleep better than others, sleep deprivation is real and it can make you do crazy things! [...]

    5 Steps for Transitioning Your Baby to the Nursery

    When and how parents decide to transition their baby to his or her own bedroom is one of the million-dollar questions that arises when navigating the early stages of parenthood. [...]